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Vintage Photos to Fine Art

One of the most exciting types of art to create are those which resonate deeply with others.  Clients bring me meaningful photos of all sizes and qualities, many in extreme disrepair.  It is my honor to reimagine them into pieces of artwork that will be hung in their homes for years to come.  This work is truly about creating a new kind of family heirloom.  For all pricing and purchase timelines:  CONTACT 


Beyond my scientific illustration grooming, flora and fauna have become a favorite.  When at all possible I draw from life - garden flowers, purchased bouquets, or plants around my home are all inspiring blooms.  

For all pricing, inquiries, and future project plans:  CONTACT 

Exhibited & Published Work

The following pieces have been admitted and exhibited in various venues to include gallery exhibitions, private showing, and the Grand Rapids Art Prize.  Additionally shown - the wine illustration for Imagery Winery, a Benzinger Winery label. 

 For further information:  CONTACT